Photo of hurricane Fran - 1999

Florida Hurriguard Storm Panels

Economical Polycarbonate Storm Panels for the DIY'er

Photo of hurricane Fran - 1999
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Assorted Photos and Videos of Storm Panels & Accessories
Panel Mounted on side of garage. (I have never opened the garage windows so I have decided to just leave these panels up all year.)
Distant view large window with panel mounted
Close-up of Gallina Polycarbonate Extrusion showing internal structure.
Photo of Available Anchors and Bolts
Collage of anchor installation and decorative cover screw/caps
Close-up of Sidewalk Bolt used to secure panel
Picture of battery-powered trim saw and blade I used to cut polycarbonate sheets
Engineering Drawing of our lower-case Aluminum "h" Channel
Photo of lower-case "h" Aluminum Channel.
Engineering Drawing of  our upper-case Aluminum "H" Channel
Photo of Upper-case "H" Aluminum Channel
Picture of combination drill bit used to drill the pilot hole and the counter-bore (at the same time) for the flush-mount anchors
Photo of Fiberglass Rod inserted into polycarbonate
2005 Christmas photo of our dog letting us dress her as an elf

Video of Polycarbonate panel undergoing ASTM Pressure Cycling Test
Video of Polycarbonate panel undergoing ASTM Large Missile Impact Test
Video of Polycarbonate being cut with battery-powered trim saw