Photo of hurricane Fran - 1999

Florida Hurriguard Storm Panels

Economical Polycarbonate Storm Panels for the DIY'er

Photo of hurricane Fran - 1999
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Products and Pricing
We are proud to offer American-made extruded structured polycarbonate sheet products manufactured by Gallina USA LLC (Janesville, Wisconsin). Gallina products have been tested and certified to rigid ASTM and IRC standards. In addition, they have received approval under the latest Florida Building Code (FBC approval FL16699). Finally, Gallina has received Miami-Dade County approval (NOA No. 13-1126.21, expiration 2018). Additional information is available at and at the Florida Approved Products site. Testing documentation is available at  these links: Gallina ASTM Testing and Gallina Dade County Testing
Pricing as of 04/01/2019, (subject to change without notice)
Product Description (Click on the links for photos of items. All dimensions stated are plus/minus 1/8") Price
4' x 6' 16mm (5/8") Multi-wall Polycarbonate Sheet (Internal "flutes" may run in either direction) $86.00
4' x 8' 16mm (5.8") Multi-wall Polycarbonate Sheet 115.00
4' x 10' 16mm (5/8") Multi-wall Polycarbonate Sheet * 158.00
6' x 5' 16mm (5/8") Multi-wall Polycarbonate Sheet * 118.00
6' x 6' 16mm (5/8") Multi-wall Polycarbonate Sheet *  142.00
6' x 8' 16mm (5/8") Multi-wall Polycarbonate Sheet * 192.00
6' x 10' 16mm (5/8") Multi-wall Polycarbonate Sheet * 240.00
Optional Sheet Cutting Charge (Flat-rated per Sheet) 11.00
Other Accessory Items **
2-5/8" Female Flush-Mount Anchors (with Sidewalk Bolt & White Nylon Cover Screw) for Wood or Masonry 1.95
3-1/4" Female Flush-Mount Anchors (Typically required for stucco over wood-framed homes)
(with Sidewalk Bolt & White Nylon Cover Screw
Combo Drill Bit for Female Flush-Mount Anchors in Masonry, 1/2" Counter-Bore Bit, with 7/32" Pilot Bits  24.95
Combo Drill Bit for Female Flush-Mount Anchors in Wood, 1/2" Counterbore Bit with 3/16" Pilot Bits 19.95
Female Flush-Mount Anchor Installation Tool
94" .080" Aluminum "h" Channels (Optional Top and/or Bottom Support), Mill Finish (Usage Explained HERE) 36.95

94" .085" Aluminum "H" Channel (Optional Adjacent Panel Support), Mill Finish (Usage Explained HERE)
(Used to create a center mullion for spanning large areas)

Solid-Set 1/2" Lead 1/4-20 Machine Screw Expansion Anchors (for Masonry Only) with 1" Sidewalk Bolt and Plastic Cover Screw .90
Combo Drill Bit for Solid Set Lead Anchors with 1/4" Pilot Clearance Bit 16.95
Solid-Set Lead Anchor Installation Tool 7.95
1" x 1" 3M Dual Lock Adhesive-Backed Plastic Reclosable Fasteners (not recommended for Coastal Residents) priced per Pair .95
White Nylon Washer 1/4" x 1" (Recommened if NOT using a Sidewalk Bolt to mount panels) Pack of 20 4.00
All polycarbonate products are shipped palletized (for protection in transit) via motor freight carrier. A pallet fee of $6.00 per linear foot is charged, based on the length of the longest sheet ordered. Freight charges are based solely on weight and distance.  To receive a final price, inclusive of shipping and handling, please submit our Request for Quotation form. Delivery times and payment options will be detailed on your quotation.

* Gallina 6 foot wide sheets have not undergone any specific laboratory testing regimes. However, given that the surface area for the distribution of impact forces is actually larger than it is on 4 foot wide sheets, it is generally believed that these sheets, if tested, would also pass the ASTM and Miami-Dade County large missile impact test.
** These items have not undergone any specific testing regime, but are believed to be more than adequate for their intended purpose, if installed properly.