Photo of hurricane Fran - 1999

Florida Hurriguard Storm Panels

Economical Polycarbonate Storm Panels for the DIY'er

Photo of hurricane Fran - 1999
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We have no order minimum. However, unless picked up or delivered in our immediate local area, these products must be shipped via LTL truck lines on a large heavy wooden pallet and the shipping costs make it somewhat impractical to purchase only a few sheets at a time. Freight costs are based on weight and distance and will approximate between $350 (for a small home) to $450 (for a large home). Very large orders (over 1000sf) can typically be drop-shipped from the factory. To receive a written quotation (via e-mail) inclusive of freight or delivery charges, sales taxes and payment options, fill in the appropriate blanks on the form below and click the "Submit" icon at the bottom of the page. Thank you for your interest in our products.
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Product Description (Polycarbonate Sheets are listed here with the WIDTH as the first dimension, followed by the HEIGHT, Tolerances are + or - 1/8")


4'x6' 16mm (5/8") Clear RDC Polycarbonate Sheets ($86.00/ea) (Flute orientation may be Horizontal or Vertical and has no affect on the Strength)

4'x8' 16mm (5/8") Clear RDC Polycarbonate Sheets ($115.00/ea) (Vertical Flute Orientation)

4'x10' 16mm (5/8") Clear RDC Polycarbonate Sheets ($158.00/ea)   "      "      "    "       "

6'x5' 16mm (5/8") Clear RDC Polycarbonate Sheets ($118.00/ea)     "      "      "    "       "
6'x6' 16mm (5/8") Clear RDC Polycarbonate Sheets ($142.00/ea)     "      "      "    "       "

6'x8' 16mm (5/8") Clear RDC Polycarbonate Sheets ($192.00/ea)     "      "      "    "       "

6'x10' 16mm (5/8") Clear RDC Polycarbonate Sheets ($240.00/ea)   "      "      "    "       "

94" .080" Aluminum "h" Channels, Mill Finish (Optional Top/Bottom Support) ($36.95/ea) (Usage Explained HERE)

94" .085" Aluminum "H" Channels, Mill Finish (Panel Coupler) ($53.95/ea) (Usage Explained HERE
Elco 2-5/8" Stainless Steel Female Flush-Mount Anchors (with 1" Sidewalk Bolt and Nylon Cover Screw) ($1.95/ea) for Wood or Masonry Use

Elco 3-1/4" Stainless Steel Female Flush-Mount Anchors (with 1" Sidewalk Bolt and Nylon Cover Screw) ($2.25/ea) for Wood or Masonry Use

Combo Drill Bit (with 7/32" Carbide-Tipped pilot bits for installing the Elco Female Flush-Mount Anchors in masonry) ($24.95/ea) 
Combo Drill Bit (with 3/16" Twist Drill pilot bits for installing the Elco Female Flush-Mount Anchors in Wood) ($19.95/ea)
Elco Female Flush-Mount Anchor Installation Tool (Just about mandatory to install Female Flush-Mount anchors) ($19.95/ea)
Solid-Set 1/2" Lead 1/4-20 Machine Screw Expansion Anchors (for Masonry only, with 1" Sidewalk Bolt and Nylon Cover Screw) ($.90/ea)
Combo Drill Bit for Solid-Set Lead Anchors with 1/4" Pilot Clearance Bit ($16.95)
Solid-Set 1/2" Lead Machine Screw Anchor Installation Tool ($7.95/ea)
1"x 1" 3M Dual Lock Adhesive-Backed reclosable Plastic Fasteners (not recommended for Coastal homeowners) ($.95/Pair)
(Although not an "approved" attachment method, these may be the best available method for vinyl-sided homes.)
White Nylon Washers 1/4" x 1" Recommended if NOT using Sidewalk Bolts to mount panels ($4.00 per Pack of 20)

Optional sheet cutting services are available for $11.00/Sheet. Please indicate if you will want us to cut panels to your specifications.
(You can provide your actual cutting instructions later if/when you place an order.) Cutting tolerances are +/- 1/8".

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Your Delivery Zip Code: (Enter "pickup" if you plan to pick up your order at our facility in Wildwood, Florida and skip the next question), OR, we now offer a local delivery option ($150-$275) for customers within a 150 mile radius of our facility. To have your quote include delivery fees, enter your ZIP Code here and skip the next question.
LARGE orders (those exceeding 20 sheets) can be drop-shipped from the factory and significant freight savings can sometimes be realized if you are willing and able to receive your order at the carrier's local distribution terminal.  Select "Terminal" if you'd like your drop-shipped quote to be based on that option. Otherwise, select the appropriate destination type. Destination Type

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