Photo of hurricane Fran - 1999

Florida Hurriguard Storm Panels

Economical Polycarbonate Storm Panels for the DIY'er

Photo of hurricane Fran - 1999
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Covering Large Openings

If you need to protect an opening that is larger than 72" in either direction (such as a sliding glass door), it will be necessary to utilize more than one panel. We suggest either utilizing a field engineered "H" coupler or using one of our rigid Polycarbonate "H" Couplers to join adjacent panels that abut one another and to provide center support. The process involves anchoring the coupler at both the top and bottom and then sliding each panel into the opposing "throats" of the coupler until each is firmly seated therein. If the bottom of the coupler is at the top of a slab or other flat surface, we offer an "L" bracket that can be used to anchor the bottom. In either case, we suggest anchoring each of the panels very close to the "H" coupler to provide additional stiffness and support.