Photo of hurricane Fran - 1999

Florida Hurriguard Storm Panels

Economical Polycarbonate Storm Panels for the DIY'er

Photo of hurricane Fran - 1999
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Free Sample Request
There are a number of structured polycarbonate sheet products on the market. Almost all of them claim to be the best. The Gallina RDC products we offer are known as "5-Wall" products because of their internal structure. You can see a cross-section of our material on our home page. We believe that the best way for you to evaluate this type of product is to be able to see, touch and feel it. Use this form to request a no obligation free sample of this amazing material. We believe strongly that this product sells itself so we do no follow-up after sending out your free sample. (i.e. We're not going to pester you.).

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There is, of course, no charge for the sample of our polycarbonate material. If you provide your email address, we will acknowledge receipt of this request, but will not contact you again unless you subsequently submit a Request for Quotation. Please do not request a free sample if you are outside of our 150 mile delivery range unless you plan to pickup your material at our warehouse in Wildwood Florida or are intending to have your material drop-shipped to you from the Wisconsin-based factory. Thank you.
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